Fiona Stechmann

Growing up I spent most of my time outdoors Horse riding, skiing and tramping with my family.

After school I decided to put my love of the outdoors into practise and completed a Diploma in Applied Recreation and a Bachelor Degree in Sustainability and Outdoor Education.

Since then I have worked as an outdoor instructor full time for the last 15 years until my kids came along.

During my time as an instructor I really enjoyed helping people to achieve more then they thought possible and also enjoyed focusing on the technical aspects of outdoor pursuits.

My personal experience with endurance events began when I arrived back from my OE in Europe and was “persuaded” to jump straight on a fully ridged mountain bike to ride the Rainbow Rage race with zero training. From this experience I developed an understanding of how important the correct training is!

Since then I have completed the Kepler run and the Wanaka Half Challenge twice,  once after each of my kids. Taken part in 4 Spring challenges, Biked the Cyclic Saga and Motutapu mountain bike events and completed lots of other smaller trail runs, kayak events and bike races.

My favourite part of training is getting to explore new places and have adventures with new friends.

I am excited about being part of the CP Team and helping you to achieve your goals whatever they are.