Kim Vargo

Hi Y’all

My name is Kim and I originally hale from Atlanta, Georgia, but I have been settling into the more southern location of Christchurch since 2002.  I am very excited to be apart of TeamCP because it’s not everyday that you get to work with people who are passionate about what they do and man, the team here is definitely that!
I have played sports my entire life and took the love of competition and movement into my university studies by majoring in Athletic Training (Sports Physio).  After completing a 4 year BSci degree, I moved to New Zealand to work and I haven’t looked back.
I love doing things and I have a passion to get people moving and changing their lives one small step at a time.  Watching people complete an event or finish a workout they never thought they could makes me more than proud…it makes me do a little happy dance on the inside.  People are amazing!
When I am not in the TeamCp office working to support our awesome coaches and athletes, you’ll more than likely find me coaching Crossfit, browsing the aisles of the supey ( I love food!), or hanging with my husband (he may be the coolest athlete I know, but I’m biased) two kids and two labradors (what was I thinking, 2!)  planning our next crazy adventure.
See ya out there doing it!