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Nutrition for Health

Health is your greatest wealth

How can I manage my Nutrition?

Working alongside Cushla on a regular basis will help you overcome the challenges you face in your nutrition habits.  Whether it’s behavioural changes, improving your performance, cleaning up dietary habits, or getting on top of your gut health, your one-on-one personalise plan will get you where you need to be.

But, But, But…..

Have you considered working with a dietician, but you have heard some interesting stories?  Are you feeling a bit put off because you don’t like greens?  Don’t let these common misconceptions keep you from achieving your healthy food goals:

  1.  Dietitian’s only work with people to help with weight loss.
    WRONG. Dietitians work in a number of specialties and although they have the knowledge to help you with weight management, it really is only a small proportion of the work we do day-to-day.
  2. Dietitian’s only tell you to eat more vegetables.
    WRONG. Although it is true many people can enhance their intake, we don’t give out generic advice to everyone, it has got to be individualised.
  3. Dietitians are the food police.
    WRONG. If you ever want to attend the best potluck event, go to a dietitian’s and you will soon work out they are some of the biggest foodies you can meet. Most Dietitian’s love cooking, baking, and food in general.

Invest in your health by investing in your nutrition.

Dietician Cushla works with a broad spectrum of clients.  If you have any other health and nutrition concerns, including the ones below, get in touch with Cushla and start investing in your health now.

  • Disordered eating/eating disorders
  • Coeliac disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Type 1 and 2 diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • General healthy eating
  • Weight management



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