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About Us

TeamCP Ltd is an endurance sports coaching company that specialise in helping you to achieve more than what you think is possible.

We pride ourselves at being a one stop shop to improve your endurance performance. With a team of qualified experienced endurance coaches and a sports nutritionist you will learn lots, have fun and get across the line faster!

What we do

If you are a Cyclist, Runner, Kayaker, Triathlete or Multi-sporter and want to see how good you really can be, we will focus you on the technical, tactical, physical, nutritional and psychological aspects – enabling to you to achieve your best. We will design a training plan that’s realistic and achievable for your lifestyle and suits your budget.

What we offer

  • Written training programmes: the best way to prepare yourself for an event. Our Team of Endurance Coaches will have you prepared for anything.
  • Technique training sessions: Be more efficient and travel faster. – Cycling, MTB, Running,
  • Group sessions: train with other athletes and improve your skills and performance. Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Strength Training.
  • Nutrition: It’s not an endurance race it is a nutrition race – have the fuel to finish strong.
  • Courses: to improve your technical skills – Such as Bunch Riding, MTB skills, Transition training and Navigation.
  • Team CP: Join our team and train together toward your next event.
  • Corporate training for individuals or groups to develop health and fitness and your team culture,

A background to TEAM CP

I started TEAM CP back in early 2007 when we arrive back from spending a couple of years overseas and those people that I had previously coached were still asking me to give them a hand.  So wanting to make sure that I did it properly I started Complete Performance which has now evolved into TEAM CP.  With my science background the idea behind Complete Performance was that I wanted to offer the same level of coaching service that an elite athlete would expect to those people aiming to complete an event for the first time.  While that service is still the same over the years we have developed a great community of cool people that we coach and come along to our group sessions.  We have rebranded to TEAM CP because we feel that it better reflects who we are.  The element of Team is super important and we focus on people striving to be the best that they can be (whether that is completing the distance, competing against others or going faster than last time).

Richard Greer

"Working with Team CP has enriched my life and I have completed so much more than I ever thought was achievable"

Wendy Quinn

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