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Performance Nutrition

Perform to your potential and finish strong

To perform at your potential, you need to get your nutrition right first. 

Our Team CP Sports Dietitian, Cushla, works with you one-on-one in the lead up to your events spending the time to ensure the foundations of your general health and nutrition are formed.

Moving forward, specific sports nutrition guidance and education is provided on a regular basis to ensure you become the expert of your own race day nutrition.  For athletes working towards specific events, Fortnightly and Monthly membership options are the most popular choice.

You can have confidence that when you line up on race day, your nutrition plan will have been specifically designed for your needs and for your specific event.  Cushla has extensive experience working with athletes participating in the events below:

  • Coast to Coast
  • GODZone
  • Spring Challenge
  • Ultra marathons (e.g. Kepler Challenge, Tarawera Ultra, Valley Ultra)
  • Middle/long-distance races (e.g. Auckland marathon, Queenstown marathon, Mission Mt Somers)
  • Mountain bike events (e.g. The Pioneer, Motatapu, Whaka 100)
  • Road cycling events (e.g. Le Race, Lake Taupo cycling Challenge)
  • Triathlon/Ironman (e.g. Challenge Wanaka, Taupo Ironman, Cairns Ironman)

"I can comfortably say I am now fitter, faster, lighter, and racing better than I have for over a decade. I am winning local cycle races, I have that "bounce" when I go jogging and confidence when I race to start at the front of the pack, not the back. I am also planning a few crazy missions that I thought just a year ago would not be feasible".

Ian Martella

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