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Coast to Coast with TEAMCPNZ

Get your training & logistics sorted so you can relax knowing that you will be well prepared to tackle the iconic Kathmandu Coast to Coast Multisport event.

TEAMCPNZ is your endurance coaching team and specialises in working with the Coast to Coast. We have a number of coaching options that range from “a little bit of guidance” to “a one-stop shop.”

We will be with you every step of the way, from helping you balance your work and family commitments to cheering you over the finish line.

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What does TEAMCPNZ have for me?
TEAMCPNZ offers 3 great ways to help you organise your training so you can get to the start line feeling fit, fresh, injury free and with a game plan of how to achieve your goal for the day – we have something to suit your goals, budget and lifestyle.


Training Plan     Membership  

The TRAINING PLAN  membership utilises the Training Tilt software to gain access to our fully interactive event-specific programme.  We start off with a 30min coach lead session to make sure that you are up and running with the online system.  This is where you can move the Coast to Coast plan around to make it yours, check out the Coast to Coast  education resources and complete the specific sessions. Strava or Garmin can connect to it to automatically to track your progress which you can view on your computer or via the app on your mobile device. With a 6-weekly online LIVE GROUP Q&A with TEAMCPNZ Coaches (this is also recorded in case you can’t make it)


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Multisport Coaching Membership  

Your CP Coaching Membership is all about communication and making the most of the training time that you have available.  We kick off with an in-depth initial planning session where we determine your road map to your event making sure that we cover all elements of your performance from nutrition to strength training, to mental skills and technique.  Following this initial session, you will catch up with your coach on regular basis to review your progress, plan for the next few weeks and set two or three goals to keep you learning and staying on track.



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Premium Multisport Coaching Membership The Premium Coaching Membership takes your performance to the next level with a data driven approach to training.  Using your Heart Rate Data and or Power numbers to track your training load and recovery rates to ensure that you make the most from each session that you execute.  Together we will plan, execute and review your training on a regular basis to ensure that you a getting the biggest performance improvements possible so you can nail your race day goals. Get Started


We also offer a CP Fundamental Skills Workshop in April & September and also CP 4 Weeks to Coast Cycling Skills Clinic in January.

Join us to be more confident and prepared for your Coast to Coast.


Skills Workshop Join us SUNDAY APRIL 7 to gain the skills and confidence for your Coast to Coast journey.  With courses being held in both CHRISTCHURCH and AUCKLAND. These Kathmandu Coast to Coast Fundamentals workshops are all about efficiency of movement. If you are moving well you will be performing well and have a smile on your face. Places are limited to 10 per course, so book your spot!


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4 Weeks to Coast Cycling Skills Sessions
Four weeks of training to get you prepared, confident and ready to roll on race day!
Wednesday evenings – 8 January to 29 January. (inc Sundays within this period)
Meeting at Princess Margaret Hospital on Wednesday evenings rolling out at 615pm
and Coffee Culture Beckenham on Sundays at 900am
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CP Supported Athletes Service   


Our Coast to Coast Support Crew Service Everything that you need to make sure that you have a fantastic Coast to Coast.  Place are limited and booking out fast – contact us today to secure your spot with our awesome Support Crew.



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Kayak Tech Sessions Go faster for less effort by developing your paddling technique.
It just make sense.
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