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Kayak Technique Coaching

Go faster for less effort by developing your paddling technique.
It just make sense.

Kayak Technique

Type Description Price
Kayak Technique Session An individual kayak technique session $120
Kayak Technique Follow Up Review your progress and develop your technique further $75



Kayaking for most of us is different to running, riding and swimming because we have not grown up doing it.  To be able to paddle a river confidently you need the skills and the correct boat matched to those skills.  Good technique will ensure that you moving efficiently and therefore finish with a smile on your face.

As a general rule we tend to break up your technique development through the following steps.  Everyone progresses at a different level but the key thing is that you get some specific feedback and have clear elements to practice before developing further in the next session.
  1. Boat/paddle fit, posture, intro to technique.
  2. Stroke technique, stability in motions and technique analysis .
  3. Stroke technique in-depth, efficiency and introduction to power enhancement.
  4. Power enhancement, Stroke technique and fast moves.

Your technique session can be either as a CP Premium Coached athlete or on a casual basis (see above for casual prices)

"Team CP is great at helping me keep my eyes on the goal. They keep me motivated, supportive but most importantly makes training fun!! "

Millie Smith

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