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Mountain Biking Technique Coaching

Let us help you ride that tricky section without putting a foot down and finish the event with a smile on your face!

Mountain Bike Technique Coaching

Make sure that you contact us if you have any questions and to schedule your session with a CP Coach


Type Description Price
MTB Technique Session Take your skills to the next level and love riding your bike $90
5 Technique Sessions A block of 5 technique sessions with a CP Coach $399
10 Technique Sessions A block of 10 technique sessions with a CP Coach $748



Learn how to get more power to the pedals and and improve your as efficiently on the flats and on the hills will get you to the top of the hill in good shape.  So once we have made it to the top of the hill we want you to be able to relax and enjoy the corners and downhill to arrive at the finish line with a fist pump and a smile on your face.

As a general rule we tend to break up your technique development through the following steps.  Everyone progresses at a different level but the key thing is that you get some specific feedback to have clear elements to practice before checking your progress and developing further in the next session.
  1. Basic bike set up, posture on the bike, your gears and pedal technique.
  2. Confident cornering, stopping in a hurry, efficient climbing and relaxing on the downhill
  3. Power transfer – climbing and acceleration, technical downhill with increased gradient and corners

Your mountain bike technique session can be either as a CP Premium Coached athlete or on a casual basis (see below for casual prices)


"Working with Team CP has enriched my life and I have completed so much more than I ever thought was achievable"

Wendy Quinn

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