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Strength Conditioning

To be able to finish strong you have to be strong and you don't need a gym to be able to achieve it

CP Strength Conditioning

Type Description Price
PT session A one off PT session with a CP Coach $90
5 PT Sessions A block of 5 PT sessions with a CP Coach $399
10 PT Sessions A block of 10 PT sessions with a CP Coach $748


Strength conditioning coupled with good balance and flexibility will decrease the chances of you getting injured and increase the efficiency of your  running, riding, swimming or kayaking.  Using a variety of training tools such as bands, strength bags, medicine balls and your own body weight coupled with the awesome natural environment our CP Coaches will create a strength session that you won’t forget.

The session can be done either individually or by getting a friend or two to share the challenge and get strong together.

Your strength session can be either as a CP Premium Coached athlete or on a casual basis (see below for casual prices)

"TeamCP has helped me achieve the unthinkable (couch potato to ultra-marathoner!) through their robust coaching programme. They provide a holistic approach to ensure I arrive at the start of any event physically and mentally prepared."

Jennifer McBride

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