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CP Strength Workout Intro

To be able to finish strong you have to be strong and you don't need a gym to be able to achieve it

Team CP Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kim and Head Honcho, Coach Richard have prepared a season of CP Strength Workouts for you.

Head to the link below to see what they have prepared, following Week 1 through to Week 8 for Season 1.

Then you can see what will be needed for Season 2.


There is a video available for each workout so you can see how the work out is done.

Check out the video below for an Intro to our Workout of the Week.



"TeamCP has helped me achieve the unthinkable (couch potato to ultra-marathoner!) through their robust coaching programme. They provide a holistic approach to ensure I arrive at the start of any event physically and mentally prepared."

Jennifer McBride

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