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Peak # 27 – Marleys Hill

Kia ora ano! (Hello again!)

Despite the hiatus in Peak of the Week communique,
There have still been peak of the week adventures- I have not missed a day!
So here is a little flash back to Peak #27, Marleys Hill,
Sadly due to the fires, it doesn’t look like this still.
It feels very odd that just a few weeks ago,
The name of this hill above the flying nun I didn’t even know!
Yet so many times I’ve ridden just below the peak,
A fun and flowing (yea right) descent down the flying nun I did seek.
This trip was my final test run on the trail before racing it in the Pioneer,
An attempt to gain a home advantage and to not get dropped by the flying Nina – my biggest fear!
The outlook is impressive to the harbour and the Coast,
And to Sugar Loaf- the hill that dominates the Port Hills outline the most.
When reflecting on Port hill adventures and glancing up to their magic outline,
One feels a sense of disbelief, great sadness for what has been lost- the singed trees a harrowing sign.
As I reflect on my Marley Hill adventure my thoughts go out to those effected by the fire,
Those that now have different hills to climb, you will climb higher and higher.

Kia kaha,