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Millie’s next big adventure

So I need to keep moving, I can’t stop, got to keep my lungs and my body fit and healthy. So next bucket list item to tick off is the Ironman70.3. This is Rotorua in December.

Richard at Team CP is going to continue to train me which is an incredible relief as I’m not sure how I would get there without his help and training has started already. Although he is insisting on having some downtime so I’m currently writing this in the hairdressers. (Love having enough hair that can now be styled and cut)

So it has now been two weeks since I came running into the most emotionally, tear jerking welcome I could have ever imagined. I knew that the coast to coast finish line would be emotional but I had never expected anything like what was there and I will be forever grateful for the incredible friends that I have. I well up even now thinking about it. But all good things have to come to an end and as does my coast to coast adventure. Although I do believe I may be back next year as a team… maybe….

Anyway onto the next exciting thing. The ironman70.3. This consist of a 1.9km ocean swim followed by a 90km bike then a 21.1km run. The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is the swimming. The least is running again. It’s quite crazy how much ideas change. I always thought running was my thing but it turns out it’s cycling. Unfortunately that means I have to get back into running again instead of scampering and climbing and sliding. First race is the city to surf. Here is hoping it won’t be a day like last year. I’ve just read my blog and I still don’t know how I actually finished it.

I plan on updating more regularly with photos etc of my next adventure as I prove to my cancer that it can F@(k off because I’m living life