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Not the best of weeks

So after a real motivating week last week, this week has been anything but.  Monday was my birthday, another year gone and a new one about to begin, I was ready, come Tuesday, to get back into it and the alarm was set.  Unfortunately though, I didn’t get much further and with a splitting headache I went back to bed for the rest of the day.  Right Wednesday was going to be it.  A good group session on the bike with Richard and the crew, but this was not to happen either as I got a flat battery on the car and ended up needing to source a new one.  So Thursday, Friday and then Saturday were all meant to be the start of the new adventure and unfortunately it was it was all too exhausting.  But after a couple of good night sleeps I ventured out and joined the cycling group session with Kat on Sunday.  I felt good when I started, but unfortunately once again it was short lived with a sore knee and tiredness I gave up half way through and went home.

So this coming week will officially be the start of training, and I will not let the little icons in training peaks  go red. I have a couple of runs and the Wednesday group session scheduled, which I will hopefully get to this time.  The next race is the City to Surf which I am looking forward to running well not on chemo and also being a little fitter than I was last year I am hoping for a better time.

Goals for this week:  to hit the pavement and buy some togs so I can also hit the water!

Bring on this week and a week of fun and training…