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Lots of adventures…

So when I left off I had just started to get back into training, and was finally feeling reasonably normal again.  I am pleased to report that my health is still considered healthy and I am well and truly back into the swing of training.

With only 4 or so weeks till Spring Challenge, the training has really ramped up, with mountain bike rides and a few mountains climbed. In the last 3 weeks I have climbed both Mt Richardson and Mt Oxford.  This was the first time we had been up Mt Richardson and it was stunning. It is a great loop which although hard work in some bits is quite doable. The track climbs through forest but has some great views over the plains as you climb. I also got to see snow!!   It was also a great opportunity to remind myself about eating every 45mins or so. Something I havent really done since Coast to Coast.

Mt Oxford however, wasnt quite as enjoyable and my legs are really paying for it now. Although this is the third time I have climbed this mountain, I always forget how long and steep the climb actually, and although the views at the top were rewarding, the howling wind and the slippery snow wasnt and those I was defeated.  I of course decided to run back down – great fun at the time, but probably why I am walking like I’ve ridden a horse for a week.

Along with the great mountain hikes I have really enjoyed my mountain biking and my confidence has really increased, where I am now looking for the sloped corners and not braking on the downhills nearly as much.  We have all agreed that this part of the Spring Challenge could be a weakest so I definitely need all the confidence I can get.  At the moment we have been sticking to McLeans Island although a few hill rides have been ordered by the coach. – I am sure Ive mentioned in previous blogs how much I hate hills.

Along with the Spring challenge training, I am back in the pool.  This in preparation for the ocean swims starting this summer and then of course my next challenge – Wanaka Challenge.  My first few swims felt terrible, gammy, slow and awkward. I had to go back to the plan from Dan.  It seems to have worked and my stroke is starting to feel more natural, I do however feel another lesson maybe in order to tidy up some old habits, I feel i have reverted back to.

In summary, I am feeling great, fit and healthy again.  It is amazing how much you appreciate normal when you dont have it.  I love being back in the swing of training and although my legs are screaming I am also enjoying the adventures in the mountains.   It was great to be out with the TeamCP crew at the bunch ride on Sunday, I loved meeting all the new people and had some great conversations.

Next week will be another adventure somewhere and a lot more mountain biking.