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Smile While You Run!

From a very young age we participate in the movement of running. It generally comes naturally and is something we do with little thought about how we execute the motion.

As we develop and progress through life, we continue running the way we always have, often unaware of our style and technique. We simply lace up the shoes and head out the door for any number of reasons; the benefit of the exercise, to clear the head, to get fit, to train for an event, plus many others.

Generally we just run, complete our session then carry on with our day. Some running days can be better than others and our enthusiasm can differ according to how we felt during and after our run.

Imagine though if you treated running more as a skill and gave yourself the opportunity to learn more about how and why you run the way you do, why some muscles tire more quickly than others, why although you are fitter it isn’t feeling any easier or you’re not getting any faster.

To help answer these frustrations, consider having your technique assessed to learn how to be more efficient when running, reduce the risk of injury and allow yourself to feel as comfortable as you can when pounding the pavement or trails, so you enjoy the experience even more.

An assessment with a Team CP Coach will take approx. 45mins and will analyze your posture, form and technique. You will receive advice and tips unique to your style and goals to help you enjoy a more positive running experience each time you head out the door.

So as summer approaches and you look ahead to the events you have entered, or want to participate in, add “Running Technique Assessment” to your list of personal development activities.

It is amazing what a few small adjustments can do to enhance your overall running experience.

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