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Isobel Stout – end of training week 1

It’s been a whirlwind of appointments, texts, emails and phone calls as I’ve got sorted out with (or was that by?) Fleur and Beck. I love the Training Peaks environment, being someone who loves schedules. Beck has me listing every morsel that passes my lips (oh god!). I have had my long neglected road bike out on the road this morning, where she belongs. I was pretty lucky really to find she was still in fine working order, in fact in much better shape than I am! What looked like cobwebs all over the derailleur turned out to be cat fur. Hmm, must have something to do with the cats spending their nights in the garage.

It wasn’t easy getting on the road again, lots of memories assailed me as well as the wind. I can barely ride a straight line, all core strength having been turned into cork strength I suspect. But they say you never forget how to ride a bike when you’ve done it once and sure enough the vibro-massage of the rough chip seal, the lovely sound of the tyres humming along the smooth bits, the rhythm of the pedals felt very familiar.

So now I am properly on my way and wouldn’t you know it I have to stop already! I had more surgery booked in but without a fixed date. I did say I would be available at short notice and Fleur and Beck were already primed for a likely hiatus at some point  but I got the call on Thursday, could I be in pre-op on Monday at 0700? Crikey. So the training goes on hold whilst I am doing part 2 of my double mastectomy. The good thing though is that we’ll have this out of the way at the start and then be able to push on.

I knew I’d made a great choice with CP when I said that surgery would be part of my schedule and no one even hesitated. Together we can deal with anything.