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Charlene Smart: The Ultimate Goal


I haven’t always been a runner – about five years ago I set myself a goal and decided to complete a half marathon (21.1km). It was on my list of things I would love to do one day. When I set this goal I was about half way through my Weight Watchers journey of losing close to 18kg. I ran my first half marathon on 3 December 2011, I had ticked this off my list.

One thing that you don’t expect when training to run a distance like that is that you will get the “running bug” and want to run it again, and again. This was me. Never thought I would do it again, was just excited and happy that I had completed it once!

Over the next five years I would run another five half marathons and actually really enjoy it! People would ask me “are you going to run a full marathon” I would always say no, not something I was interested in doing – I was happy with just running the half, I was comfortable with this distance. Until the end of last year.

For some crazy reason I decided to commit to running a full marathon! I chose the Air New Zealand Queenstown Marathon as the one that I would do. I had heard so many good things about this new marathon course so why not choose one of the nicest places in the country to run my first marathon. This brings me to my current status. My training for Queenstown.

I can run 21km no trouble but running 42km is a whole other ball game. I knew that I would need a bit more guidance and assistance in training for 42km! I came across TeamCP and thought why not investigate! I met Richard and the rest is history (well nearly two months history!).

So far am I really enjoying working on actually “how” I run and learning that changing just the smallest things can make a huge difference to how I feel when I run. Simple things like straightening my posture, the way I swing my arms and where my feet land makes a big difference to making the run easier – and therefore using less energy so that I can run a longer distance (aka the 42.2km!).

I am excited to see how I can improve the way I run now so I am at the best I can be for 21 November!

Keep an eye out for more blogs on my training and running related antics!