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Isobel Stout: My Challenge – 2UPTT

Hi fellow team CP mIsobel stoutembers! I’m Isobel Stout and I’ve joined the CP team to help me help others by participating in the event 2UPTT, a team of two, time trialling up Coronet Peak in March next year.  Take a look<>

There’s big money for the winning pros but I am just an ‘everyday hero’.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer last year, that means it has already spread into my lymph nodes. The surgery was followed by 6 months of chemo (yup lost every hair and taste bud) and then 5 weeks of daily radiotherapy. That ended nearly 3 months ago now and along came this event.

I want to get my fitness and strength back, chemo is rough, the surgery has left with me with some tightness and lymphoedema. The Trust has helped me get a start on rehab through the Next Steps program, see CP and Apollo Power Yoga will be taking over so the funds I raise will help more women and men get back into exercise after cancer treatment.

Follow me on my page and I’ll be keeping you updated here too.

The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust is a registered charitable trust working to improve the quality of life of women and men affected by cancer. Our mission is to inspire and allow anyone in New Zealand with cancer the opportunity to rehabilitate and regain their strength and confidence and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle forever. Our goal is to actively support 3000 New Zealanders fighting cancer this year