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CP Media Wednesday Night Live 22nd April 2020 – Beau Miles

Guest of the week – Beau Miles @2mins

Beau Miles the creator of the award winning short documentary “A mile an hour” is live on the show to discuss the background of the concept, what makes him tick and his outlook on life.

Weekly Wrap up – Our Challenge and People @ 23minutes
We wrap up the Potential of a day challenge, highlight the stars of the weekend and chat to Jake Vargo who completed the 24hr challenge and 73kms of running in between his variety of jobs.

Cushla Holdaway @ 33minutes
Your gut health, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and the low FODMAP diet. How can we manage our nutrition and eating habits to improve our gut health. What is a low FODMAP diet and when should we use this to help improve our gut health?