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Training and motivation through this unsettling period.

Hi Team,

What a crazy and unprecedented time we are living in!! One day we will look back on this period and remember the strange mix of frenzied activity, self-isolation, social distancing and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that its over. But for now, we’ve just got to get through it….

I thought I’d pen a few thoughts and ideas on training and motivation through this unsettling period.

Firstly, I think this is a really great time to go back to grass roots; back to basics and remember why we are doing any of this exercise stuff at all. As you know I’m big on the mental effects of training and the positive benefits that exercise can have on all aspects of life. Health and wellbeing should be at the core of our motivations because without it, our training is not contributing much to our lives apart from adding to the sweaty washing pile. We should all focus on the everyday benefits of our training, ESPECIALLY at times like this.

With events being cancelled left, right and centre it can be really easy to fall out of favour with your training routine. While goals are really important and a great way to stay focussed, now is a great time to develop your craft in those areas that you might have been putting off. You know, THOSE areas that are less glamorous than an impressive long run or a race pace ride. Strength and conditioning, flexibility, mobility, technique. They aren’t as fun as swim/bike/running, but if we choose to focus ourselves on these points now, we will be better for it when this all blows over and we return to our normal routines. Let’s have a think about these areas when we next catch up and see where we can focus our attention.

Which leads me nicely into my third point; routines. What better way than to self isolate than taking yourself away from the madness and doing some training. In alot of ways, this is kind of business as usual. We are normally alone when we are training, so why make this period any different? Training the body and mind is often best achieved when you’re at it alone and you’ve only got yourself to talk and listen to. So if we do all end up confined to our little corners of the world for a bit this is an opportunity to practice self talk, voice those mantras and learn about your thought processes when you’re in the pain cave. Keep up the good practices and habits as best you can. You’ll thank yourself later.

There are a whole raft of challenges that we can cook up if you’re in need of a focus. Let’s talk things over it you are looking for some direction in the coming weeks and months.

Please look after yourselves and your closest people, and don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re feeling the pressure. We are all in this together!

Give it heaps and happy training,