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Emma Hayes – the first four weeks done and dusted!


Hard to believe that I’m at the end of my first four weeks of the training plan and four weeks closer to racing the amazing Taraweras. Flights and accommodation have been booked, so it really is official, race entry wasn’t quite enough commitment!

It’s amazing how quickly the training plan workouts just became part of everyday life and suddenly I’ve become really organised. When I got two days rest last week, it felt like ages since I had worked out and I almost felt out of sorts!

A trip to Wellington during the first week of the training plan meant that I had to adapt and work it into my weekend. Of course being in Wellington meant there wasn’t a hope of getting a nice gentle flat or windless run in! But it was nice to explore somewhere new.

At the end of week four, I can honestly say I’m feeling the best that I have in a long time. I’m feeling fitter and stronger. The gym workouts, something I once dreaded I now look forward to. Although I’m doing the same exercises every week, it is getting harder because I’m pushing myself harder. The same goes with run group. I’m pushing harder to try be up the front with the fast boys and girls and I’m loving the challenge of it all. It has been really encouraging catching up with fellow CPers every week about the training plan and their training goals – everyone is so positive.

Highlight of the last few weeks is getting my average road run km/hr down and taking on my first off-road run since starting the training plan.

I’ve included a photo from Thursday nights run group. This is me and Awesome Girl Jenny Halliday. Jenny was deservedly awarded the cape at the Mount Grey CP outing last Sunday. I really enjoy running with Jenny every Thursday and hearing about what hills Jacob has planned for her to run up! She’s also a bit of a legend!

Simon will write up the next 4 weeks of the training plan which will kick off on Monday. I’m already intrigued to see what he has in store for me…no doubt more erg! GROAN!

Until next time…