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The latest updates from our team

11th October

Nathan Wilson

What event are your training for and what is your goal? Coast to Coast – Longest Day What it is your motivation for wanting to achieve this? I want to show my son that anything you set your mind on, you can achieve. What is your background and how did you get into your sport? […]

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5th October

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Trying new concepts and learning new techniques is exciting and can be really beneficial for our training. It encourages us to think outside the box and allow something new into our routine. Plus it provides us the opportunity to better ourselves. Frustrated by regularly getting a sore back while on my road bike, I decided […]

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26th September

A major set back…

So it’s been a few weeks since I posted last and things have been good and things have been really not so good. Bad news always better when followed with good news, so lets start there. Last Thursday after an awesome MTB rogaine I woke to pain again in my side.  I knew immediately that […]

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20th September

Proactive versus Reactive – taking charge of your time

I thought that I would share something that I read the other day that I felt was very good and summed up how we can be managing a busy modern life.  What should we be focussing on to make sure that we fit our weekly training sessions in and do all of the things that […]

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17th September

Bog Roy – 12hr South Canterbury Adventure Race

Snow had started to settle on the ground at Bog Roy Station. We got out our maps and had a plan. The night before we had a quick chat as a team and decided we needed to focus on teamwork, going hard and that the results would follow. There was not much gear for this […]

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4th September

Smile While You Run!

From a very young age we participate in the movement of running. It generally comes naturally and is something we do with little thought about how we execute the motion. As we develop and progress through life, we continue running the way we always have, often unaware of our style and technique. We simply lace […]

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28th August

Lots of adventures…

So when I left off I had just started to get back into training, and was finally feeling reasonably normal again.  I am pleased to report that my health is still considered healthy and I am well and truly back into the swing of training. With only 4 or so weeks till Spring Challenge, the […]

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25th August

Lake Hood Half-Marathon

  On Sunday 5th August I took on the Lake Hood half-marathon near Ashburton. This was something completely different from what I am use to; flat and fast. Earlier in year, when Richard and I were planning out races he suggested the Christchurch half as something different as we were planning to work on improving […]

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20th August

Cloud 9 Floatation Therapy: My Experience

The simplicity of running a bath at home and taking 20mins to soak and relax often is too much to fit into our busy day and lifestyle. “We don’t have time”. So the concept of taking an hour and a half out of our day to “Float” for many of us would seem unnecessary and […]

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8th August

Done and Dusted!

Choosing the Velothon Sunshine Coast as my main event for 2017 was an awesome decision, for so many reasons. The past five months have been filled with fun, satisfaction, adventures and gratitude, and I am still buzzing from the whole experience. The Challenge was Superb! Having never completed a stage race before this was an […]

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