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About Us

Who we are

TeamCP Ltd is a Christchurch based endurance sports coaching company assisting athletes from throughout New Zealand with training and event preparation.

We pride ourselves at being a one stop shop to improve your endurance performance. With a team of qualified experienced endurance coaches and a sports nutritionist you will learn lots, have fun and get across the line faster!

What we do

If you are a Cyclist, Runner, Kayaker, Triathlete or Multi-sporter and want to see how good you really can be, we will focus you on the technical, tactical, physical, nutritional and psychological aspects – enabling to you to achieve your best. We will design a training plan that’s realistic and achievable for your lifestyle and suits your budget.

What we offer

  • Written training programmes: the best way to prepare yourself for an event. Our Team of 8 Endurance Coaches will have you prepared for anything.
  • Technique training sessions: Be more efficient and travel faster. – Cycling, MTB, Running Swimming and Kayaking.
  • Group sessions: train with other athletes and improve your skills and performance. Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Strength Training.
  • Nutrition: It’s not an endurance race it is a nutrition race – have the fuel to finish strong.
  • Courses: to improve your technical skills – Such as Bunch Riding, MTB skills, Transition training and Navigation.
  • Team CP: Join our team and train together toward your next event. GOB, Graperide/Brunner, City 2 Surf