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Peak #1

Mauri Ora,

After visiting my friend Joel Davies in Dunedin recently I was very inspired by the Peak of the Week challenge he has set himself for 2016; to adventure up a peak, be it large or small every week. The photos, the topo maps and the tales of spontaneity and adventure inspired me and as I explored the stunning Otago Peninsula on my MTB I felt excited about the prospect of setting this challenge for myself next year. Perhaps it was the unbeatable views from the peninsula, or perhaps it was the deep reflection that often accompanies a solo bike ride, I suddenly realised I need not be constrained by the calendar year. Why wait to start this new adventure… I will start next week!

And so the adventure begins, a peak every week from August 2016 to August 2017. There are no rules to this game, no minimum elevation or duration of adventure, just fun, discovery and maybe some improved map reading skills.

Here is my first peak of the week I would like to share with you; Mt Grey in North Canterbury, a peak on my back doorstep yet one I have never climbed- this challenge is taking me to new places already! This was a MTB/hike combo with a fabulous bunch of people from TeamCP and glorious fresh snow!

Til next week,