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Pauline Lay – ONE FOR THE GIRLS!

bra photoI was actually quite a keen runner when I was at school. However that enthusiasm all ended in an instant when I was turning the final bend of the 1500m race and I heard and saw Chester Copperthwaite* making fun of my bounding chest. That was it! Running career over in the 4th form.

Five years later around 1987, my parents came to watch me play netball. After the game I said to my mother, “so what did you think?” Her reply was, “you need a decent bra”. So by the following Saturday my mother had purchased me a new bra. You could hardly call it a bra, it was more like a combination of a corset and armour! The row of hooks down the back could have kept a commercial fisherman happy, the straps were about two inches wide and it went from my collar bone to almost my belly button and worst of all it was beige!!! Yuck – but it did the job. The only thing bouncing on that court was the ball.

When I started running about seven years ago the bra issue came up again. Luckily sports bras have been invited but I am still searching for the perfect bra. I feel like I have tried them all. I want a bra that gives me maximum support without giving me the mono boob look. It seems that I have to make a choice – support or shape. Why shouldn’t we be able to have both? My bra of choice at the moment is the Shock Absorber. Doesn’t that sound impressive! It is a great bra but I struggle doing up the upper catch so it is a bra that needs two people to get it on me. Not very convenient when I am on my own. My 12 year old son refuses to help and fair enough, many a friend and the odd stranger has had to lend a hand on the start line which grosses them a little – lucky for me I have no shame.

No matter how far or fast you run you need to be comfortable. I need to feel that I am locked in and confident that my bra is going to go the distance with me and not have my chest go off on its own journey.

Ladies if you have any recommendations, let me know.

Pauline DD Lay


*real name used.