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Jennifer McBride – Accountability

Well here I am less than 12 weeks out from my current BHAG. I have finished sulking about the cancellation of the Bedrock50 and have readjusted my mindset and reasons for doing the Queenstown marathon. I have also been vigorously researching other runs to replace the Bedrock and at this stage I am planning on entering Mission Mt Somers in October and the Routeburn Classic run in April 2016.  It’s not quite the ultra marathon I was after but it’s a good starting point….

Being only 12 weeks out from my BHAG has made me quit procrastinating and sign up with CP to get a training programme.  Thanks to Richard I now have a plan to get me to where I want to be come 21 November (marathon day!) – my body in one piece and my mind raring to go!

Training over the past two weeks has consisted of runs of various lengths as well as cross training.  Prior to my training programme I convinced myself that each run I set out on had a purpose i.e. time, distance, pace, focus on form etc.  However upon reflection my self-prescribed training programme looked more like this:

  • Long run = meandering in the hills preferably with my camel bak stocked with ‘nutrition’
  • 5km TT = 3km good speed, 2km my mind screaming it was tired and convincing my body to stop
  • Aiming to run at intensity 5 = woo hoo I’ve made it out the door, just cruise

This didn’t necessarily happen with all of my runs but its fair to say that once Bedrock was off the table, I was much less focused on running/training and spent a lot of mental energy ‘self-congratulating’ myself for just getting out the door.

So with my training programme comes accountability with a sharp focus on the end goal.  There is also nothing like someone else checking in on how you are going to make you keep at the right pace or finish the run that has been planned. As I log my runs both on-line and in my training journal, I am holding myself accountable for doing what I said I would do, as well knowing that there is a coach who is going to see what I have (or haven’t!) done. For me accountability also has a flipside which is knowing that there is someone who is knowledgeable, and has the expertise, to get me to the start of my goal strong and ready to go.  It also means that Richard gets bombarded with questions every time he rings to check in with how I am going!

Another part of my training over the past few weeks has been planning and fitting in my cross training sessions.  I learnt a lot last year about how cross training can complement my running as I made the mistake of forsaking all other physical activity to 1) focus on my running and 2) I was petrified I was going to get injured if I kept playing all of my other usual sports.  This time round I am continuing with Pilates, swimming, tennis and strength training. I have discovered that with epic fails comes wisdom!