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Pauline Lay – Are Diamonds A Girls Best Friend?

paulineIt was my birthday last week and I got a new Garmin watch. Ok so it wasn’t a diamond but it was better! A diamond is not going to tell me how fast I’m running (or not running), how far I have run, what my fastest km was, how long I have been running or how many calories I have burned up. It also beeps and lights up when I have completed each kilometre. It congratulates me when I have set a new running record and rewards me with a little gold medal picture on the watch face. It can even tell the time!! Diamonds just sit there, look pretty and expect to be admired. My Garmin and I are true best friends. We work as a team and always finish together. It records the good times we have had so I can look back and see how far we have come together – literally!

If you have never run with a GPS gadget give it a go. I find it has helped me become a better runner. You know how you often go out too fast then fade? The Garmin will keep you in check because you can keep an eye on your pace and slow down a bit if you need to or you can challenge yourself and try to make each k a little bit faster, even do a negative split.

This weekend I am taking my Garmin up to the Summit road for a good run around the Port Hills. Richard has said running the hills will make me stronger and to mix it up with some trail running. I have always resisted running up on the Port Hills as I don’t think I am worthy and it seems to be the place for pro-runners not some middle aged battler like myself. But I will have my Garmin best friend with me so it will be another adventure to do together and you never know we may even get a new record.

Diamonds might be a girls best friend but not this girl – but I wouldn’t say no to them being my second best friend!!!