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Charlene Smart: New Shoes

I have big feet*. I have had them all my life. I also have very flat feet. I have had them all my life.

This, as you can imagine makes it slightly difficult to find shoes. Bigger feet in women is more common these days, but this unfortunately doesn’t mean that it is easier to find bigger sized shoes.

I am a women’s size 11*. I do find it hard to find shoes sometimes – I am thankful for places like Willow Shoes (who specialise in larger sizes) and Nine West (who have lovely shoes in my size). Running shoes are a different story – I am an Asics women’s 12* – as you can imagine, shoes this size aren’t exactly easy to source, especially since I need the shoes that have the most support.

This brings me to today. I FINALLY have a new pair of running shoes (or 3), the Asics Foundation 11, after waiting five months, yes FIVE months. They were ordered from Australia and took that long. It turns out that Asics only brings out eight pairs of these shoes in the whole of Australasia, only eight! Can you see now why I find it so hard to find the right shoes for my big flat feet?!

So I have new running shoes and I am pretty excited to finally get these on my feet and get running! They are probably the most important part of my “running kit” along with my amazingly fabulous Garmin running watch!

Till next time!

*please don’t tell me I have big feet, I am more than aware.