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One small step forward and three steps back…

So the last 10 days have been very quiet.  After being able to slowly get back into exercising, my lungs decided to pack it in and I developed a chest infection, which I am only just getting over now.  I did however get out for my first mountain bike ride with my brother and it was so much fun!

We met at the carpark of Bottle Lake and it’s fair to say I had butterflies in my stomach.  I had no idea what I was getting myself in for and was nervous that I would be scared and have a kayaking situation on my hands again. We set out quietly following the tracks.  I followed behind the bro, taking his lines and trying to remember all the things the Chch adventure park people had said to my school kids when they had come out. keep your feet level, knees bent and off your seat, lean into the turns etc.  Well it turns out it isnt nearly as bad as I had thought.  It took about 15mins for me to trust my bike and that I’m not going to skid out on shingle (18months of panicking on a road bike every time there is shingle can ingrain some interesting fears).  By the end of it I was look for the hills, fast downs etc. It was great fun, but more importantly it was great to get out with the bro and just have some sibling time.  An hour though and I was shattered.

It turns out though that what I thought was just a long time recovering from radiation was in fact the chest infection. I have even taken two consecutive days off school.  I dont think I even did that during 6 months of chemo!!! But Im back on the mend and energy levels are returning, hooray!  and I have another bike ride scheduled Saturday with Mel, one of the gals Im doing the Spring Challenge with.

So once again, here’s hoping I’ll have something more to write about next week in preparation for Spring Challenge!