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Energy makes energy

A cheeky Friday afternoon ride makes me feel good!

A cheeky Friday afternoon ride makes me feel good

Last week I was fortunate enough to be a part of a presentation delivered by Rowena Palmer Morgan.  You may know Rowena as she has been a part of our CP team for some time and is a regular at our CP group rides.  Rowena is a clinical psychologist and was talking about depression and anxiety and the role of exercise as a key component in the management of these illnesses.

I talk a lot about the importance of recovery in training for an endurance event as it is easy to over cook yourself if you are really motivated to achieve your goal and therefore become injured, over tired and sick.  However it is important for us to consider the other side of the coin and to know how much rest is too much.  This may occur when you are just starting out in training while still building an exercise habit or may also occur following a big weekend of training.

I always say that it is important to let yourself feel tired and have a day or 2 to sleep, go slow and take it easy.  However sometimes we can rest too much and get into a slump.  We need to know when it is time to drag yourself outside again restart your training.  Build slowly and finish a short session feeling better than you started.
Energy creates energy and this momentum flows through into the rest of our lives making us feel better and able to do more.  So make sure that you listen to your body and ride the energy wave to continue to build and be awesome!