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My 5 ways to thrive through winter!

I like to think I had a fairly moderate summer of racing compared to my usual. I did half, if not less than, my usual amount of guiding down the Waimakariri River (preparing others for Coast to Coast) and had an awesome summer of racing by finishing second in the mixed tandem category of that race.
At the conclusion of this it was time to stop, it’s my usual time to stop. Feb 14 to April 1 is generally a bit of a 6 week holiday.
This year has been slightly different, busier than usual and more people getting started early than ever before for their goals next summer, including me. But we are heading into winter…
To hibernate when the temperature drops is completely okay if you can manage your health and get started again easily come September. However, if you are anything like me you’ll get a feeling of overwhelming guilt and restlessness if you even think about this. But anyone who knows me fairly well will know that I really don’t handle the cold very well.
So, if it’s helpful, I’m going to briefly share with you my plans through winter:
  1. Make exercise social – go with a group or at least 1 buddy
  2. Gym – prevention, mobility, but make sure you have strength goals too.
  3. Vary it up – sure have a major, but keep the minors too (also varies the social part).
  4. Be adventurous – do days with friends/family away from town.
  5. Local races – like Winter Worlds and the Brass Monkey series
The key is to keep moving and make it fun not a chore. Plus I’ll just toughen up to some extent (See here).
Happy Winter.