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Balanced and Realistic

It’s amazing how three short weeks in a row can make such a difference to my normal routine. 

Before I know it, it is the second week of May and suddenly my event is only 10 weeks away! After a long weekend, then two weekends away working, plus a week working on the Hawke’s Bay Marathon this week, suddenly I have gone from feeling on track & happy with my training, to a little ‘behind’ and more nervous about the looming three day challenge!

I have however, just described ‘life’! No two weeks are the same, opportunities present themselves that require additional planning or juggling of other commitments, and sometimes my days are simply not long enough to fit everything in. 

It is at this time I need to take a step back, look at the immediate future and plan my training for the up coming week.  Then also look at the ten weeks as a whole and earmark the significant training rides that must take priority. Plus add to the calendar major commitments I need to allow for. Then with these all in place, the rest of ‘life’ will fill the gaps. 

I think it is important the detailed training sessions for each week are planned for each week or fortnight when I know specifically what other activities I have on during those days. This allows more flexibility and puts less pressure on each session, knowing it has been planned according to the time and energy I can give that day.

But it is also really useful to have already put the bones of my schedule in place to ensure I am hitting my targets and know how I’m tracking. 

I also know I have to remember to be realistic. I am a very particular and committed person, so the boxes in my Training Peaks program need to be green!! However should one or two boxes be red, I just need to let it go. 

Life isn’t a plan, it’s a journey. And the most rewarding and fulfilling journeys are the ones that include corners, obstacles and challenges, resulting in an even more satisfying outcome. 

So when I cross the finish line after three days of riding some of the Sunshine Coasts most stunning roads, the sense of achievement will be even greater knowing I have managed to train for and complete the event, while also maintaining other areas of life.

Having balance in our day, week and journey isn’t a new concept, but it is important to check in and remind ourselves of this regularly. Because when I reflect on this particular part of my life journey in 6 months/12 months/5 years, I will remember the achievement, the enjoyment and the happiness I experienced as part of this challenge. Not the fact that I missed one or two training sessions!! 

So as I get into this new month with a refreshed outlook, I will remind myself daily of the need to stay balanced and be realistic. 

And to ride for the love of riding, not for the fear of a red box.

Penelope Watson
Team CP Sports Coach
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