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Kathmandu Coast to Coast S3 E4 : MENTAL SKILLS EDITION brought to you by CP MEDIA

Kathmandu Coast to Coast: MENTAL SKILLS EDITION brought to you by CP MEDIA

Dr Lucy Hone – has been on a long-term mission to share the best of resilience psychology as widely as possible in order to reduce mental distress and equip people with actionable tools to cope with challenge, change and uncertainty. Tonight she joins us to talk about resilience from a Coast to Coast perspective as she and her husband Trevor prepare for their first crack at the event.

Glen Currie – Glen Currie updates us with everything that is going on behind the scenes at Kathmandu Coast to Coast HQ. How is everything shaping up and what do we need to know

Sophie Beaumont & Nicole Lloyd We are following Sophie & Nicole’s journey to the start line of the 2 Day Tandem Team Section. A lot has happened since we last caught up a month ago with their Grade 2 Kayak Course completed and finishing their first event together. How did they go and do they feel like they are on track?


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