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Jennifer McBride – When the Goalposts Move….

I was halfway through writing an update for this blog last week, which was based on how my training was progressing and the enlightenment that occurred with my second coaching session with Richard, when the unthinkable happened.  A post on Facebook announced that due to the ever-increasing PC nature of the world that we reside in, Bedrock50 for 2016 has been indefinitely put on hold due to the increased health and safety pressures put on the organisers.  My initial response to this was a resounding, “Noooo!! Do you people not know how much this event takes up most of my thinking space and, at times, is the sole reason why I actually move my butt and exercise? Seriously you are going to cancel after I have braved snow, ice, numerous frosty mornings, wind and rain to train for this?!”  Keeping things in perspective I can completely understand the organisers position but there is a part of me still hoping that someone else will take over the organisation of this event.

My poor husband had to put up with me bemoaning and whingeing about this change in events and after feeling like I was in limbo for a few days I began to trawl the internet to look for another event that excites me as much as the Bedrock50 did.  It feels odd and a little disconcerting having to change tack after being focussed on this event for so long.  As of yet I haven’t signed up to another ultra marathon so my focus has been shifted to the Queenstown marathon for now.  My reason for doing the Queenstown marathon is that I am away for a month over Christmas time and completing this marathon was going to be my psychological race – if I could complete 42km in November, I kind of figured I could do 52km in February even with a bit of a lull in training.

For me having a goal and making plans to achieve that goal is important.  I need to know where I am going and keep the destination in mind.  However with the recent shifting of my ‘goalpost’ I have had to learn to sail with the wind and not against it and recognise that unexpected changes (something that I am not always so comfortable with!) can lead me to new adventures and still bring success.  So what’s my new BHAG – still unsure at this stage but am sure a new experience will open up. I am realising that we can choose to be transformed.  This is how we grow, how we learn and why we are here.