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Bryan Prestidge – First event done

Have now completed my first “official” Brevet, albiet a short one. The Coaster micro-adventure, 230km, 2400m of climbing and 13.5hrs riding over Saturday 1st August and Sunday 2nd. While most decided to ride the entire distance on the Saturday, a friend and I decided it was far more sensible to overnight in a comfy motel in Cheviot. I rode with my full kit on the bike on day 1, as a test, then decided to strip out all the non-essentials for the “sprint” on day 2.

What did it show? – 1) – after a very slack 5 months of training since Challenge Wanaka, I’m not as fit as I used to be!!

– 2) – There is still a large amount of “residual” stamina tucked away in the body and as long as I keep my heartrate down around 75% of max, I can keep turning the wheels for sustained periods of time

– 3) – After a bike fit and a few reasonable rides, my bike seat / posterior are still at odds with each other.

To solve no 3 above, I have now purchased a Brooks B17 leather seat. All the reports I have read and people I’ve talked to about the Brooks seats appear to be 100% correct. For touring, these seats appear to be supremely comfortable. A 3 hour first ride, followed by 2hrs the next day and no issues, on a seat that supposedly takes up to 3 months to break-in.

On the “exciting new toys” front, I am expecting my new handlebar roll, Top Tube bags and Stem Pouches from Stealth Bike bags shortly.

September is shaping up as a big month. Micro-adventure 3, a weekend of biking around the Methven area is shoe horned in between a ride from Timaru to Twizel and return on the 12th and 13th, and a 3 day weekend (South Canty Anniversary) on the 26th – thats 3 days to bike instead of two!!

I’ve also got my A into G and started swimming again, just to keep some variety in life

The Coastal mini-brevet, Gore Bay

The Coastal mini-brevet, Gore Bay

On the back road to Culverden

On the back road to Culverden