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Isobel – Training Interruptus

Hi everyone! Back into the swing of things this fortnight. Surgery went really well and I am healing nicely but am still under a good behaviour bond! I’ve caught up with Beck and Fleur and Apollo Power Yoga and am not expecting any further interruptions from here on. That’s the really neat thing about having training tailored for you, it’s infinitely adaptable.

So… I’m hoping that the weather forecast isn’t too accurate for this weekend, I have training to do on the road and I really don’t fancy riding in the rain. Now before anyone calls me soft, I know I am! It’s not that I can’t handle being cold and wet but more that I really don’t want to slip and fall. I can’t afford the drama. I’ve had enough knocks lately and I really, really want to get fit for this climb so plan B will be bolt the bike to the trainer again. My next short term goal is to be able to join you for the Spring Brunch ride on the 30th. I know I can really nail the coffee and cake part, but please be nice to me on the bike part!

My fundraising site received a really generous hit of $105 this week and talk about fizzing! I nearly popped with excitement! I certainly don’t lack for motivation. Do please head over to to see what on earth I am going on about.

Til next time, pedal on…