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Isobel – Find the rewards in the process along the way, don’t wait til the end.

With the postponement of my event for a whole year I’ve done some really hard thinking about the elements of my life that are focused on that event and how to make them serve, not only a solo attempt at Coronet Peak regardless, but also taking a slightly longer term view that isn’t quite so obsessed! This way I get rewarded all the time in little ways that make event generated motivation somewhat irrelevant. I love best the moments of adventure and discovery, the views from the hills, the sights and sounds and smells of getting out and about in all weathers.

This week I’ve been along the Summit Rd including the track under the Gondola. I haven’t been up there since ‘that day’. It was heartening to see so many cyclists along it but still a stark reminder of how much so many have lost.

The next day I was hoofing it up the Bridle Path. That’s one steep road! The views are spectacular though even if the sheep look a little unusual. I am guessing this is a particular breed, the lambs sure are cute!

view from bridlepathsummit track

strange sheep