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Charlene Smart: The Final Countdown

It seemed like just yesterday that I committed to running a full marathon, it was actually nearly 11 months ago and we are now heading for the final countdown! It is just over two weeks to go before I can officially call myself a marathon runner.

The Queenstown Marathon has been my focus for nearly a year and it is pretty exciting to think that this massive goal is going to be completed very soon.

My runs have been long as of late – this past weekend I completed the longest run of my training, 35km, it was tough but it was so good to have this run done! Note to self: make sure you put on sunscreen before you set out on your run, even if it is cloudy, because the next day your skin will be as sore as your muscles…..whoops.

I even tried out an ice bath (Richard’s suggestion) after the 35km run – it was very tough getting into the bath, sheesh it was freezing (guess that is the point), but once I was in it wasn’t too bad! I think it has helped my muscles in their recovery. Only time will tell. I do take my hat off to all those professional athletes who do this on a regular basis!

I am now into the taper phase of my running programme – I do have the Selwyn Half Marathon to do this weekend which I am looking forward to, I am aiming to do as close to a 2 hour half as I can! I am hoping that all my training will help in in being able to do this.

The funniest thing is that once upon a time I used to really struggle with running 21km the last 3 was always the hardest, now I can run 21km without even thinking about it and its only when my watch beeps to tell me I have run 21km that I realise that I have! I know weird.IMG_0649

I am looking at my race plan as well as making sure I have everything that I need for the race day! The culmination of 11 months of training and hard work is coming to an end in a few short weeks and I am pretty excited and pumped to do it! I know its going to be hard but I also know that I have done all the work and preparation that I can do to be able to do my best on the morning of the 21st of November in the scenic setting of Queenstown.

Plus I have been waiting all year to get my Ferg Burger…..

And I also have a strange feeling that I might want to run another marathon after this one….something I never thought I would say!