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Race Tekapo – Your CP Training Membership

Get your training sorted so you can relax in the knowledge that you will be well prepared to tackle this race which is new to the 2021 calendar. Choose from the 32K, 21K, 12K Race Tekapo Team CP Training Plan membership.


Type Description Price
Your CP Training Membership Get organised, learn lots and make the most of the training time that you have available.

Set up includes a session with a CP coach to ensure that you are set up and ready to make the most of your training

$75 Set up

$9.50 per week


Have you entered but are not quite sure how you are going to actually fit all of the training in?  Should you include some strength exercises? and is stretching important…?

By using our specific RACE TEKAPO training plans you will learn what is important and how to do it. 

We have a specific training membership for the RACE TEKAPO – 32K, 21K, 12K events

Learning  as  you  go

Our CP Coaching Team are looking forward to this new event and are passionate about helping you become the best you can be.  Let us get you set for an awesome day of adventure in this iconic New Zealand location.

Your Training Plan 
The key to any training plan is that it needs to be yours and fit with your life.  So if you are a shift worker, have a young family or do long hours in the office you can easily move each session with in the programme to make it yours.  We also use a ranking system so you know which session is the most important to help you if you need to move them.

At first glance it looks a bit like this…

Becoming a strong, robust athlete (in other words remaining injury free)
Have you had trouble with getting injured when training for this or other events previously?  Our CP Training Plan will help you to get the right amount of recovery time along with the correct mix of training duration, intensity, and type of exercise when building up to an endurance challenge like the coast to coast.

Alongside the correct training load, we have also developed our own strength conditioning library specifically for endurance athletes to help you remain injury-free.  These sessions are embedded into the training plan and they will challenge you but also ensure that you are not tired or sore prior to your next run session.

What is your technique like??
If you have good technique you will go faster with less effort it is as simple as that.  Our video library will help you to develop your Race Tekapo specific running technique so you can enjoy the event more.

What to be part of the Team?
An endurance event or training for one can be a very individual undertaking.  By joining Team CP you can be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Meet others with the same goal as you or have someone jump out of the bushes and cheer you on.


A flexible training programme has been key for me in achieving the goals I have set for myself during the past 18 months I have been with Team CP.

Having the ability to see what my training programme for the fortnight looks like and being able to move the workouts around a busy house and young kids has meant that I’m fitter and stronger than I have been in years. It has meant that I am more organised with my training therefore have missed less workouts.

Team CP’s workouts are awesome with loads of variety that keeps training interesting and challenging.

Sarah Paterson

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