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The Pioneer - Your CP Training Membership

Not quite sure how you are going to actually fit all of the training in to prepare for an epic 6 day MTB event with 441KM of Riding 13,000M Climbing?  By using our specific PIONEER training plan you will be able to prepare, while balancing life so you can perform to your potential.  Learning  as  you  go Get the inside word from athletes of all levels as they compete in the event - from

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Team CP Backroad 200

Friday 3 April: With an early morning Christchurch departure, today we take the long road towards the green West Coast. Once we get to the Divide we're on the bikes for a really nice climb, a huge gradual downhill, and the best bakery on the Coast. After trying some samples we are back on the bikes for some rolling flowing roads that take us to a famous old town and the end of today's ridng. We

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Coast to Coast - Your CP Training Membership

Not quite sure how you are going to actually fit all of the training in? Kayaking, cycling, running and strength exercises... By using our specific coast to coast training plan you will learn what is important, how to do it and the amount of each discipline that you should do. Learning  as  you  go Our CP Coaching Team love the Coast to Coast and are passionate about helping you become th

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Team CP Run Club - QT Marathon

Team CP Run Club - Powered by The Frontrunner and Salomon If this is your first time preparing for the Queenstown Marathon, half or 10km event or you are a seasoned runner wanting to improve your time join our team to help you achieve your goal. The package includes your 3 months of group run sessions - 2 per week Three pace options in each session each group is an approximate

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Kathmandu Coast to Coast Support Crew

Coast to Coast Support Crew Packages Our full service Support Crew package will see you supported by our team to make sure that you have an awesome Coast to Coast experience. You will be under our care from Wednesday to Sunday* of the racing week and we will ensure that you are well organised before you arrive.  We will work with you to develop a race plan that you will have practiced and toge

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