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Erin White – not long now

Man it is getting dark in the mornings, I have enough trouble with cars in the daylight! although I must say most cars and trucks (Thank you Ready Mix Trucks in particular) seem to be very courteous giving me a wide berth in the dark, whether that has anything to do with the fact I potentially look like a Christmas Tree with 3 front lights and 2 back lights I am not sure 🙂


It is the end of February but I am still trying to fit my rides around weekends away with fishing competitions and camping trips every up date seems to be filled with trips or holidays so I didn’t want to disappoint you all.


Le Race is now less than a month away and I must admit earlier on my focus during rides was on Le Race and ensuring I was getting the most out of each session to ensure I was ready for Le Race, but now as I am biking along I find myself thinking about what my next challenge might be; potentially not that great for focusing on the current training session.


After this morning’s ride I am beginning to remember the advantage of multi sport in that every training day is often different with having to complete training for a variety of disciplines where as training for a cycle race it is bike ride after bike ride!  One bike ride I decided to play spot the most interesting letterbox, this was my favourite one trying to be different amongst the crowd.  20160124_194545Apart from letterbox spotting the smiling assassin (Kate Woods) North Canterbury Group Rides definitely keeps things interesting on a Tuesday!

I am feeling pretty good leading up to the race although Geoff is away on a hunting trip my last week of training before I taper so I might be calling in all my favors that week.  Hopefully heading off to ride the whole race this weekend, so stay tuned for an up to date version of how I am feeling leading up to Le Race.