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Isobel – Sharing the awesomeness on a big weekend

I’ve been glued to FB updates on CP team members on the Great Southern Brevet, The Pioneer, Coast to Coast, Buller Marathon, IM training rides and other feats of awesomeness this last week and weekend. These are really big adventures and I am simply amazed at what Team CP ers get up to. My own ‘adventures’ aren’t quite on that scale but I do appreciate the support and camaraderie there is in Team CP for anyone, no matter how small their adventure may be.

I got off to Dunedin over Waitangi for the NZ Master Games. There’s a wee video of my trip on FB. Now I am back home I can really knuckle down and get some regular training in. The Wednesday evening CP group ride has been a real challenge for me to get to and enjoy but I think I have finally cracked it and the last two sessions have been really valuable. The Tour de Coffee Culture is also motivation to add some more kilometers to the ride and is great fun.

So with all this preparation I have conquered the first part of Dyers Pass Rd this weekend and made it to the Cup. Yahoo! I have also completed 108 sun salutations (that’s yoga btw) and played the hill climber walking up Bowenvale to the Sugarloaf Trig and back. Thankfully I was safely back down at home for that rotten EQ. I do hope everyone is OK.

Yes of course I got some new step photos!

sugar stack




No frills steps these ones.







frilly step



But these steps are quite frilly!