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Craig Handy

What event are your training for and what is your goal?
C2C Longest Day 2020
What it is your motivation for wanting to achieve this?
Challenge myself physically and mentally, and also to see New Zealand and enjoy the beauty.
What is your background and how did you get into your sport?
I grew up playing soccer and that got me into running. After doing my first marathon I got hooked on the endurance training, and like the variety of multi-sport. I met a New Zealand couple while on vacation in Hawaii two years ago and they told me about the Coast to Coast, and I started learning to kayak soon after so I could train for the 2020 race a year later.
What is your favourite event/or training mission so far?
My biggest challenge and favorite so far has been the Boulder, Colorado Ironman.
It was my first triathlon and first distance longer than a marathon, so I was nervous all through the training that I would be able to finish, but I ended up feeling pretty good (relatively) throughout the race and finished ahead of my goal time.
What is your favourite training ride/run/kayak/swim etc?
Running is still my favorite because I love that all you need is a pair of shoes. I love any trail running and the freedom you feel.
Who is your inspiration?
In life? Taylor Swift, always. In competing? Anyone who has done the Longest Day already is inspiring to me.
Who is your biggest fan?
Paul, my boyfriend
Do you have an inspirational quote that you would like to share?
We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders.
What is your favourite recovery food?
Thinking about pepperoni pizza after I finish is always good motivation.
Any other comments?
I set the Guinness Record for Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Swimmer, so that’s kind of cool.