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Sarah Bryce

What event are your training for and what is your goal?
I’m training for Rakaia Salmon Run and I am doing the Wanaka Tri series. I’m also on the waitlist for a C2C 2020 Tandem Team entry!!
What it is your motivation for wanting to achieve this?
I just want to do it well.  I Have done C2C three times and I have done all the training by myself, so this year I wanna do it well with good training.   I just learned to swim 18 months ago so have wanted to do a triathlon event to test my skills.
What is your background and how did you get into your sport?
I have always played team sports since a youngster and have since retired from them.  I took up running for fitness and realised I enjoyed it. It is a great way to destress from the busyness of work!
What is your favourite event/or training mission so far?
Coast to Coast
Because it really challenged and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am not an athlete by any means so to have completed it was brilliant.
What is your favourite training ride/run/kayak/swim etc?
I love running off road, so anywhere the trails lead is where I wanna be.
Who is your inspiration?
Anyone that is out there doing it. All ages, shapes and sizes, they get out there and it is super motivating.
Who is your biggest fan?
My husband! He always encourages me to do these events. He will do the eye roll and then he always is there to push me on.
Do you have an inspirational quote that you would like to share?
Fake it til you make it.
What is your favourite recovery food?
Something bready!