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Getting Specific and Avoiding Regret

As winter sets in it also means something else… summer racing is getting closer, and it’s time to get organised. It’s all well and good saying it’s too cold to train, but if I take that view point there’s only one person that is held back each week I delay. Any guesses?
So, seeing as my goal is centered around a single pursuit with short transitions in between it’s a no brainer to get specific in some form to build strength endurance and increase my skills in that area. To do this more efficiently and to fill gaps in my knowledge I’ve seeked the help of a coach to help me grow and be accountable. To some, just like teachers don’t live at school, coaches have coaches.
I find it important to take the the time to establish a routine around training and vocation. It’s specific and means that I know Tuesday morning I’m doing a zone 4 paddle session and Wednesday I’m in the gym. Richard Greer, as one of my mentors, once told me something that he was told by one of his: Routine is discipline, and discipline is what gets things done.
Add to that “discipline is better than the pain of regret” and voila!
As I previously discussed in “My 5 ways to thrive through winter!” two of the key components were keeping it social and racing.
The weekend just gone was the first of the Brass Monkey Kayak Series here in Christchurch held on the lower Waimak (more info here Races like this especially if you are planning on doing Coast to Coast or any other related races in the lead up are crucial. The Brass Monkey is a no brainer for all multisporters with some kayak experience whether you have your grade 2 certificate or close to achieving it (it’s not a requirement). Short higher intensity races such as this surrounded by other paddlers are a great start.
So to wrap up, get specific and learn from others before you have to learn the hard way, routine is discipline, and winter training is best when surrounded by others.
Have a great weekend… see you on the river?