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6: CP Media Wednesday Night Live 24th June 2020 – Braden Currie


This week we kick off with special guest Braden Currie. Braden is an elite long distance triathlete who mixes family life, world travel and racing at the highest level. We get an insight into his background, what makes him tick, how he trains and how he continues to perform at the top level. 


We meet CP athlete Laura Pattie who has had an awesome 12 months with the Whaka 100 MTB event and running an awesome sub 9hr Old Ghost Ultra.  We also check in on her marathon goals that she has lined up   


We catch up with Cushla Holdaway Team CP Dietitian to talk eating habits and specifically late night eating.  We discuss some strategies for how to improve this.  


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CP Media Hosts 

Angus Petrie – @gustric 

Richard Greer – @ric.greer