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30: CP Media – Kathmandu Coast to Coast – Making it to the start line

CP Media Kathmandu Coast to Coast Special 20th December 2021 – Making it to the start line

With 3 1/2 weeks to go until race day we talk about this most important thing – making it to the start line!

We want to be feeling fresh and injury free and to help us with that we have three different people to talk to from three different perspectives.

7:28 Fiona Dowling

Fiona is ranked number 2 for this years longest day shares her experience of managing her final training sessions and her taper.

23:52 Hayden Thom

Hayden is a Physiotherapist from Motus Lincoln Physiotherapy talks about the most common mistakes that he deals with in the final few weeks before the big event and how to avoid them.

39:54 Matt and Thomo

We round out the show with Matt and Tomo – to see how they are shaping up for their first crack at the Kathmandu Coast to Coast.


Angus Petrie – @gustric

Richard Greer – @ric.greer


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