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31: CP Media Kathmandu Coast to Coast 3rd February 2021 – Support Crew Special

CP Media Kathmandu Coast to Coast Support Crew Special – Matt Sherwood, Matt Bateman & Glen Currie

Tonight’s show is all about logistics, transitions, and most important of all your support crew. No matter how your training has gone and what shape you are in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast is a team effort. To be able to finish well and achieve your race day goals means that your support crew need to have a good day too. To achieve this you need to be organised.

4:10 – Matt Sherwood

The Team leader of Team CP’s support crew service where he and the team are supporting up to 30 athletes at any one time. Matt has completed the longest day and knows the event inside out. Matt will give us his top tips for support crew to make sure that your athlete remains sane and everyone has a good Kathmandu Coast to Coast Experience.

26:30 Matt Bateman

We have been following the journey of Matt and Tommo as they build up to their two person team attempt at this great race. Are they ready???

36:10 Glen Currie

Fills us in with any last-minute things we need to know before traveling to the West Coast and breaks down those athletes to watch on race day. Find out who the favourites are in the Men’s and Women’s field and who his dark horse is this year.


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