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With the true grit trophy I knew I had to get going

It has truly been a great week this week. I have had a programme set by Richard that I have managed to keep to and I was awarded an amazing trophy at the end of season TeamCP event.

This week Our plan

was to ease back into it. So Tuesday, after receiving some reasonably positive results (minimal growth in the lungs) I went for a

 swim. Richard has introduced me to interval training and it is hard work. My main focus was to work on my breathing so I wasn’t having to breath every second stroke. I would say I did this successfully for maybe 1/3 of my strokes. Hmmm guess I may need more time in the pool.  Wednesday had me out on the bike. This was great and once again it reinforced all the reasons why I love cycling.  Thursday and I had a run. It is fair to say I was dreading this. Running has become quite a difficult task. I find I’m slow and heavy and everything hurts. I had spent the whole day finding excuses not to go. But out I went. Again I was introduced to a form of interval running and although I was slow I found this a lot more enjoyable.

Friday was rest day but also a night for an amazing surprise. Being awarded the True Grit award. This is awarded to the person who has achieved their goal against the odds. But I really wouldn’t have been able to do it without Mike or Richard so really the award goes to them as well.

Lastly Today and Mike and I ventured out for our first bike ride together since Coast to Coast. It was fun and felt natural. We cycled out to Sumner to enjoy a coffee in the sun.  Oh and I got to first place on Strava!

This has been a great week! Can’t wait to see what next week brings. Maybe more time in the pool with the weather the way it is.  Sorry for the short and sweet nature of the blog, but I’m tired. This daylight savings is really playing with the body clock.