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Something little to write about…

Hooray! I am back into the swing of exercising. I think. After a week and a half off I have been itching to get back into cycling and after buying my first pair of practical, swimming togs, I’ve also been eager to get into the pool. Ok, so I should probably be a little more honest, the exercising didn’t really start until last night. I know I mentioned last week that I was going to do the City to Surf but, with a combination of laziness (wanting a sleep in) and work being a priority it didnt happen. So there is no race report this week and I’m a little disappointed in myself for not doing it. But lets not focus on the negative, especially being that I am meant to be on a break.

The first is I went for a swim last night and today. Yesterday I swam 750m and it felt good to be in the water, as well as good to be exercising again. today I kept going until I swam 1km, I really enjoyed my swim today and felt motivated to go. I didnt need to convince myself to go, which has been a nice change from having to force myself to go out over the past few weeks. I also biked to my scans today and man it felt great to be out on the bike again. I have forgotten how great and free I feel when Im out cycling. It’s time for me, time to process my thoughts. The headwind home was tiring but not awful.

I am looking forward to Wednesday when I get to catch up with Richard and put together a programme again. I have had a brief look for events to train for but I think the next thing will the Hanmer 10km.

Cant wait for my next blog update where I will have even more to share, hopefully.